Shutterfly Archive DVD


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Before Forever was created (that sounds funny), I had been using Shutterfly to store my images.

I found a lot of my photos in high resolution on my computer, but I wasn’t sure they were all there. I went to Shutterfly to order their Archive DVD. I was going to select just the best, but that was a lot of work, so I decided to select all the albums and all the photos.
I thought it was going to be a little pricey per their price list:

Archive DVD pricing
Total Pictures Price
1-100 $9.99
101-500 $14.99
501-1000 $19.99
Each additional 999 pictures, now only $4.99
Shipping & handling
not included

I ordered 6680 photos to be put on DVD. I added it to the cart and the total was $9.99 before shipping. I paid $13.51 with tax and shipping. I wondered if it would arrive with all of the photos or I somehow didn’t select them all like I thought I did.

I ordered it late November 18, 2015 and it arrived in my mail box on November 25th. They mailed is UPS, but UPS handed it over to the US Post office for delivery.


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