A Multi-Purpose Craft Room

Does your craft area have to be shared with others? I have to share mine with two 7th graders. Here’s how I set up to make it work.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

Like everyone else, we only have so much space in our house. Five kids are home schooled upstairs 5 days a week. Three 10th graders and two 7th graders. The high school students use ABeka online streaming. They are set up in another area up stairs with two large tables and a TV. I’m so glad I don’t have to share my space with them, too! The 7th graders use independent K-12 online for their 4 core courses. They don’t have live streaming classes, but the majority of their work is done on the two laptops. They each have a drawer for each course, so when put away, it makes for a very clean space. During the day, the desks are covered in papers and books.


View from the other loft area. During any given school day, you’ll see two 7th graders sprawled on the floor.


This area functions for online home schooling during the week. Move the laptops and it’s a large area to work on crafts.

I also work for our family business at home via VPN. For this, I have to have my space to dock my computer. I opted for a laptop for this so it can be docked under the desk or I can take it to the office with me every Tuesday when my friend comes in to home school the kids (2 of the 5 are hers). Since I also do digital scrap booking with Forever digitally so my office work space also doubles for that.

Now, finally on to my crafting supplies and how that is organized! As you can see below, I LOVE two things. Obviously IKEA and the second one, you may have never seen before. The paper organizers, wood drawers, stamp pad organizer, punch organizer, pen holder and the organizer to store my Creative Memories border maker are all made by Stamp-N-Storage. This company is based in the USA and everything is made in the USA. It’s a really neat company that was started based on a honey do list. Brett Haugen started making things for his wife but found that the rest of us needed these items, too!


My IKEA Kallax wall area for storage of crafting and home school items. I connected the middle Kallax to the wall.


Stamp-N-Storage makes these to fit in IKEA Kallax or you can purchase them in larger sizes.


Stamp-N-Store created the border organizer for an individual and then added it to their catalog. It’s a great way to be able to see what you have!


This section of the desk is the area I use most for scrapping if I don’t have a lot to lay out. It’s also has a lot of space for the Cricut Explore.

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