Media Conversion with Forever

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My mother in law passed away April of last year. It was quite sudden and surprising. We had just finished moving them into a new house a few months before. This was helpful because we knew where all the photos and other memorabilia were located. My father in law agreed to let me work on converting all of this old media to digital. For this, we have been using

The first box we sent in had 6 old albums and about 50 photos. These have been completed and returned.


Sent a second box in at the end of August. They’ve cataloged it, but now we wait for it to be returned. They raised prices earlier in the year and a LOT of people (me included) had boxes to return before the price went up. They have at least a 6 week turn around right now. I expect those images to show up in our permanent storage any day now.


Some of the items that will need scanned.

Sent a third box about 3 weeks ago. This too has been cataloged but Forever Conversion Specialist, but I’m sure they’re not close to processing it yet. I sent in 10 VHS tapes, over 1200 photos, a lot of flat bed scanning items and some slides. This is the last of what needs converted. The total price to preserve a life long amount of items has come to about $2,000. This didn’t include the permanent (Forever!) photo storage.

Now I’m anxiously awaiting the photos showing up in our storage. They cannot store video yet, so I have to wait for the thumb drives to be sent back, but I’m excited to watch videos with my husband of my mother in law.


Stacks of photos that were sent in the last box.

Later this week, I will follow up with a post of why I could feel safe sending these precious items via FedEx to Forever for Conversion.


Forever™ Black Friday ALL Month! WOW!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

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As you know, the typical way to do Black Friday specials is to wait until Thanksgiving or the day after to announce what you big sale will be. Forever™ decided to do it differently this year. They know you want to spend time with family Thanksgiving weekend and you don’t want to be tied down trying to do all your projects to get them done to make good use of the sale.

So, from November 1 – November 30 pretty much EVERYTHING is on sale with code NOV2016.

  • 40% OFF all PRINT – Calendars, mugs, puzzles, page prints, and much more! Some of these require Artisan software – There’s good news for that, too!canvasprints
  • 40% OFF Artisan 5 and Historian Software!
  • 30% OFF Storage. This is a great deal. If you want to save an additional 20% on top of that, you can sign up to be an Ambassador for only $99 plus tax and shipping. See here for more information on becoming an Ambassador.
  • 20% OFF Conversion. Have VHS tapes, printed scrapbooks, old photos or other items you want converted to Digital? Now is a good time. Purchase one of the 3 boxes this month. You do NOT have to send the items in for conversion by the end of the month for the savings.
  • 30% OFF Digital Art!foreverservicespromo

Feel free to comment on this post or contact me if you have any questions.




Shutterfly Archive DVD


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

Before Forever was created (that sounds funny), I had been using Shutterfly to store my images.

I found a lot of my photos in high resolution on my computer, but I wasn’t sure they were all there. I went to Shutterfly to order their Archive DVD. I was going to select just the best, but that was a lot of work, so I decided to select all the albums and all the photos.
I thought it was going to be a little pricey per their price list:

Archive DVD pricing
Total Pictures Price
1-100 $9.99
101-500 $14.99
501-1000 $19.99
Each additional 999 pictures, now only $4.99
Shipping & handling
not included

I ordered 6680 photos to be put on DVD. I added it to the cart and the total was $9.99 before shipping. I paid $13.51 with tax and shipping. I wondered if it would arrive with all of the photos or I somehow didn’t select them all like I thought I did.

I ordered it late November 18, 2015 and it arrived in my mail box on November 25th. They mailed is UPS, but UPS handed it over to the US Post office for delivery.