Heat Embossing with embossing folders

So, I admit I am not very good at this yet but a few asked for directions on how I made these.

  • Here’s what you need.
    • Paper
    • baby powder in a sock (yes the sock was clean lol). You can use an embossing buddy or similar.
    • Brayer
    • VersaMark
    • Embossing powder
    • Heat tool

    I used the brayer to put VersaMark on the side of the embossing folder that has print on it (the other side pushes in from the back of the paper).

    Then I used the sock with powder to put on the paper to hopefully stop the embossing powder from sticking where it shouldn’t be. This doesn’t always seem to work so I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going wrong.

    Then I put the paper in the folder, and ran it through my Gemini. This is not a 3D folder so I used both clear plates for my sandwich.

    After I ran it through I took the paper out and put embossing powder on it. Then heated it with the heating tool.

    You can see where I missed some spots somehow, but I’ll keep trying!