Make Money with CM

Getting money back from your Creative Memories purchases is EASY!

I’ve tried selling Creative Memories, not once, but twice. Both times, I ended up in debt trying to stay active.


When you’re ready, SIGN UP!

Since the original Creative Memories filed bankruptcy a few times and finally closed their doors, the new CM that we have today emerged. They aren’t strictly a direct selling company any longer. Consumers CAN order directly with CM or they can use an advisor.

There are no minimums to stay active. You pay a $49 annual fee and your rebates back go up as you move up in sales. You can enlist people under you (you only make money from one level of down line), but you don’t have to. Unless you don’t order anything for a year, your balance of sales is never 0. After you’ve been signed up a year, you gain a day in the new year and lose a day at the beginning.

Details (from the CM Site):

  1. There is a fee (currently set at $49) which Advisors must pay when signing up and annually thereafter (receive a $25 Account Credit with Early Annual Renewal). The annual fee covers the ongoing cost of producing and maintaining sales tools. This is the only mandatory amount payable to join as an Advisor.newadvisoracctcredit-meme10

    • Upon signup, you get your own personal account and are able to set up a personalized link to share with customers via email, social media, your blog or website, in person, etc.
    • After signup, you will receive a $10 Account Credit to be used on any product order within 30 days. The coupon code will be available in your Advisor back office, Account Credits page upon signup.
    • You will also have your own login to place orders and access Advisor back office resources, part of the Sales Tools.
  2. As an Advisor, your Retail Profit Rate (the % at which you earn Retail Profits on sales) and Group Commission Rate (the % at which you earn Commissions on your downline Group Sales) are based on your personal volume, aka your Account Balance.

    Account balances reflect accumulated purchases over a 365-day period and include both Customer purchases as well as purchases by Advisors (there are no minimums and no personal purchase requirements to become or remain an Advisor).

  3. If other Advisors sign under you (your “Group”), you may also earn commissions when they sell products. We do not reward Advisors for merely signing up others.

    These Group Commissions, at the Group Commission Rate (table, above) are based on sales by those Advisors who sign under you. You can have any number of Advisors sign under you. The Commission Rate you earn on your Group depends on your own personal Account Balance.


So far, I’ve hit the 25% rebate level with sadly, just buying my own stuff. Below are some examples and the chart.


Here’s a comparison between the old Creative Memories and the new Creative Memories