Photo Storage


Keep your photos and albums safe with Forever

If your house burned down while you weren’t home, or you had a flood what would happen to your photos? Your albums? Your computer with your photos on it (if you even took them off your phone to begin with)?

Do you trust free photo storage providers to not sell your privacy? Do they have anything in their Terms of Service giving you any kind of guarantee? Can you download full resolution photos from Facebook, Shutterfly or Snapfish on demand?

These are all things to think about when you think about the safety of your memories.


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The Forever Guarantee

Forever is the online place for families to collect, curate and celebrate their digital memories. We are on a mission to create software and services that enable families to preserve and tell stories for generations.
  • Forever is permanent.
    • You pay one time to own your digital storage.
    • All of the money for storage is put into the Forever Guarantee Fund for the future costs of storage and improved technology, including digital migration.
  • Forever is secure.
    • Your photos are triple backed-up and encrypted.
  • Forever is private.
    • Your photos and personal data are safe. No data mining or third-party advertising.
  • Forever is mobile.
    • You can access your photos on any device and use auto-backup to preserve new ones.
  • Forever enables authentic sharing.
    • You share what you want with whom you want.

Forever Digitizing Services

More Info on Digitization Services

Have printed photos? Scrapbooks? Slides? VHS tapes? Forever can digitize them and place them in your Forever Permanent Storage. No storage? They can send you everything on a thumb drive (nominal additional fee).